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Our Small Group Classes follow the same universal design. Every class begins with 20 minutes of warm up, followed by 20 minutes of moderate to high intensity movement. Classes then conclude with 10 minutes of cool down. Each class includes a wide variety of natural movements. We use a diverse set of unconventional training tools such as our own bodyweight, kettlebells, sandbags, maces, medicine balls, Indian clubs, heavy clubs, and breath work. In short, our system draws from techniques throughout physical culture in order to create a practical, holistic fitness system that improves the quality of movement, physical longevity, and lifestyle performance of its participants.

Due to the limited amount of trainees allowed per class (8), the Small Group experience can be tailored to a large array of fitness levels. However, there are a few basic prerequisites for attending: No preexisting pain patterns, the ability to crawl around on the floor, comfortable training barefoot, an ability to think outside the box, and a commitment to learning. You must value technique over ego, and have a willingness to be pushed outside of your comfort zone with a good attitude. If you feel you do not meet these prerequisites, please contact us about personal training.

We train barefoot 100% of the time. Towels & water are provided.

Your first visit is on us. Use the code FREEFLOW to redeem a free intro class.