Please note, we will train barefoot. Towels & water are provided.
Intro sessions last up to 1.5 hours and may include up to 4 participants.


The Free Intro Class is a great way to learn more about Flowstate’s unique brand of training. It’s also an excellent tool for assessing new students’ current movement and fitness capabilities. For this reason, attending the Intro Class is a prerequisite for all prospective trainees, whether interested in Small Group or Personal Training.

Intro sessions follow the same design as Flowstate’s other programming. It begins with a 20 minute mobility based warm-up utilizing breathwork, Indian clubs, ground movement, and balance training. Next, we move to 20 minutes of high-intensity training using bodyweight, kettlebells, sandbags, maces, clubs, and medicine balls. Finally, the session ends with a 10 minute cool down that employs meditation, yoga, breathwork, and tension-relaxation drills. The current intro schedule is as follows: