What do our trainees have to say?


Drew P.

I've tried Crossfit and various other training methods. None of them compare to the experience at Flowstate. I've had previous trainers that could barely be bothered to look up from their phones while I was under heavy weight. Drew is the most knowledgeable, attentive, and attuned trainer I've experienced. From the basic mechanics of a kettlebell swing to squats to more advanced movements like Turkish get-ups or crawling, every movement I thought I knew has improved under Drew's watchful eye. The environment and group workouts are fun and engaging. And I've benefited immensely from his focus on mobility, breathing, and mindfulness during workouts.

Anyone can write up a workout that will exhaust you. It takes a great coach to teach you the skills that will keep you healthy throughout your life. I feel great every time I leave this place.


Beth S.

Going to Flowstate small group classes for the last 6 months has been a life changing experience. I had worked with a personal trainer in the past with good results, but I was drawn to Drew’s philosophy of breathwork, movement, and strength training.  Since I have been attending the small group sessions at Flowstate, it has created an awareness and appreciation for my body and it's capabilities. This creates a state of confidence in all my daily activities.

The community at Flowstate support and encourages each other whether a newbie or a seasoned veteran.  I attend classes an average of three times a week and always look forward to the experience. I am energized and ready for whatever the day sends my way.


Pete D.

Drew is truly a great coach. I have seen real improvement with my mindfulness, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Flowstate is also the first place where the workouts have helped with rather than increased my back, neck, and shoulder pain. I strongly encourage you to give Flowstate a try, it's definitely not your typical gym.


Sara K.

I've tried just about every type of workout/gym, and Flowstate has been by far the best for overall fitness, flexibility, and mindfulness. I'm stronger than I've ever been and never get bored with the workouts. Drew is a great coach!


Michael B.

Flowstate has had an incredibly positive effect on my physical and mental health!  I began attending small group sessions in late August 2017 and continue to attend three to four sessions per week. I am not an athletic person nor have I previously found any type of satisfaction or success in traditional gym atmospheres.  I was very hesitant in joining a small group and thought that private sessions would be the best fit for me. Drew thought just the opposite and I’m completely satisfied with my progress in the small group setting. No matter your skill level, Drew adapts the experiences to meet your individual needs. I have already seen progress in my balance, breathing, agility, body awareness and core strength.


Mike O.

Flowstate is unlike any kind of personal training you’ve ever experienced. Before I started training with Coach Drew, I had no experience at all working with kettlebells, Indian/steel clubs, or natural movement programs. I’ve been training with him for about two years now, and I honestly can’t imagine exercising any other way. Coach Drew’s program is a great work out for both the body and the mind. And for anyone who thinks that you can’t get strong training with kettlebells and clubs, just come down to the gym and work out with Coach Drew for one session.


Craig W.

Now that I have officially made the Facebook feed, time to sing the praises of Flowstate. I didn't expect to find an alternative in St. Louis that so perfectly dovetailed with my kettlebell, mace, club, MovNat focus that I had been doing (without great form) on my own. Having Drew and Sebastian to ensure that I was performing the movements effectively has been huge.

But what really makes Flowstate great is the Flowstate tribe, heck it's almost more a family. I'm excited to get up and have some fun - but make no mistake, everyone is putting forth serious, but safe and appropriate, effort.


Beth C.

Mind. Body. Spirit.
Putting in the time at Flowstate blends these experiences long beyond the actual time in the gym.

I walk away from my workouts with Coach Drew and I am thinking about movements and patterns throughout my day. How can I apply this in my everyday movements... walking backwards, carrying a heavy item, balancing, recognizing my breathing pattern and so much more.
I am mindful.

My over all physical skills have greatly improved. My energy level is higher, my strength has increased, my appreciation for what my body is capable of and what I can really do. 
I am stronger.

I look forward to my workouts at Flowstate. The spirit of the people who attend is one of encouragement, support and mindfulness. No competition as we recognize we are all on our own journey. My own spirit is very peaceful during my Flowstate experiences. And I carry that energy with me throughout the day.
I am namaste.